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Palmistry: These lines of the hand are the hallmark of a rich and lucky person. There are people who play in crores with these lines in their hands.ATN News

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According to palmistry, the line extending from the beginning of the life line in the palm towards the mount of Venus is called the line of Mars. It is believed that those whose hands have the line of Mars and the line of fate meet each other, then this coincidence is very special. That is, if a line comes from the line of Mars in the palm and meets the line of fate, then such people get many benefits in life.

Also, if the line of Mars runs along the life line in one’s hand, then the line of Mars is called the auxiliary line of the life line. According to palmistry, problems come in the life of such people but they do not spoil anything. Also these people are very talented. They like to do everything carefully and carefully.

It is believed that if there is a good combination of lines, then the Mount of Mars also becomes strong, due to which such people keep moving forward towards their goals. On the other hand, lines extending from the line of Mars to the mount of Saturn in the palm of a person show special benefits at a certain stage of age. Due to which these people get the fortune of land and property as well as get a lot of profit from ancestral property. They lack nothing in life and lead a comfortable life.

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