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Pakistani delegates visit Israel ATN News

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A delegation consisting of Pakistani Americans and other Pakistanis has paid a visit to Israel, 24NewsHD TV Channel reported Thursday.

The delegates met senior Israeli diplomats who expressed their sympathy for the flood devastation in Pakistan, they extended their condolences to the families of those who died in the flood.

The delegation of Pakistani Americans and other Pakistanis visited the first Al-Aqsa Mosque and offered special prayers for Pakistan, Palestine and Kashmir, said Dr Naseem Ashraf.

The purpose of the visit is to continue peace efforts through interfaith dialogue.

The visiting team also met Imam al-Hasani and toured the historical places of Haram Sharif.

The delegation said fateha at the grave of Muhammad Ali Johar, the Pakistani leader of Tehreek-e-Khilafah, buried in Haram Sharaf and paid tribute to him.


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