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Pakistani actor impersonating Oscar-winning Hollywood hero suffers kidney failure, hospitalized for 10 daysATN News

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Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘The Legend of Moolah Jat’. Fawad recently revealed in an interview that he wanted to imitate Christian Bale and Aamir Khan for a body transformation. However, it was too heavy for him to do so and he had to be hospitalized.

In an interview with Something Hot, Fawad revealed that his body transformation for his upcoming film ‘The Legend of Moolah Jat’ helped him a lot. But now he would never think about it again. She said, “What I did to myself was not right. I will never do it again. I did some things that affected me badly.”

He added, “People should be aware that when anyone tries body modification, there are side effects. The same thing happened to me. My kidneys stopped working. After that I had Had to stay in hospital for 10 days.

Fawad has also stated that he has been discharged from the hospital soon. But, it took 3 months for him to fully recover. She also said, “I had diabetes so my plan to gain weight made me very sick. Before the film, my weight was 73-75 kg but then my weight dropped to 100 kg.

Fawad believes that his thinking was behind what happened. He wanted to imitate Christian Bale and Aamir Khan. The way both the stars undergo a body transformation for their film, Fawad wanted to do the same. But, the thought weighed heavily on him.

He added, “I was told to slow down and be tension-free. The way I did it was not the right way. Since I had very little time, what happened happened because of circumstances.” I am not Christian Bale or Aamir Khan. But I have tried to do as he did. No one should do as I have done.”

Significantly, British actor Christian Bale gained about 18 kg (40 lbs) to play the role of Dick Cheney in his movie ‘Voice’. Not only this, he used to spend hours in the make-up room for his role. He was awarded an Oscar for his best performance in this film. Also, Aamir Khan gained 30 kg for ‘Dangal’.

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