Orange County Store Robber Sentenced to 12 Years in Federal Prison

A 12-year federal prison term for a string of armed robberies throughout Orange County has been issued to George Arizon, a 28-year-old man from Corona, Riverside County, in a noteworthy development out of Santa Ana, California. Judge Cormac J. Carney of the United States District Court delivered this sentence in late 2022, bringing an end to the concerning string of crimes that Arizon had been committing.

Armed robber who targeted stores in Orange County gets a 12-year prison  sentence   New Santa Ana

A Crime Spree Unfolds

The November 8, 2022, armed robbery of a 7-Eleven store in Westminster marked the pinnacle of Arizon’s criminal activities. Arizon intimidated a store employee with a semi-automatic weapon and forced him to give up two packs of smokes and $80 in cash. This was the eleventh armed robbery Arizon had carried out in the span of only two days, not a lone act of desperation. Not only did he target convenience stores, but he also targeted eight eateries and a hair salon in the Westminster, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana districts.

The Arrest and Evidence

Following the recovery of a black semi-automatic weapon with a gold-colored barrel, a black mask, hat, and hoodie that were all used during the robberies, local law enforcement responded quickly, resulting in Arizon’s arrest. Unquestionable proof of Arizon’s involvement in the crimes was provided by security footage, which was vital in connecting him to the crimes.

The Sentencing and Its Implications

Judge Carney ordered Arizon to pay $3,658 in restitution, the exact amount he had stolen throughout his crime spree, in addition to his 144-month jail sentence. Arizon acknowledged his offenses in his plea deal, including threatening and intimidating workers during each robbery by displaying a handgun. The prosecution emphasized the seriousness of Arizon’s acts, highlighting the employment of a ghost gun to carry out the robberies and the subsequent discovery of other weapons, ammo, magazines with a large capacity, spent shell casings, and drugs from his home.

A Collaborative Effort in Justice

The successful capture and prosecution of George Arizon highlights the efficient cooperation between the Santa Ana, Garden Grove, and Westminster local police agencies and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Orange County Violent Crime Task Force. The prosecution was led by Assistant United States Attorney Jena A. MacCabe of the Violent and Organized Crime Section, and this was a major win for Orange County law enforcement.


George Arizon’s sentence serves as a harsh warning about the repercussions of committing violent crimes. It also emphasizes how hard law enforcement works to protect the community’s safety and security. This case had a lasting impact on Orange County’s future developments regarding the value of justice and the rule of law in preserving social harmony and order.

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