Northeast Ohio City Ban Marijuana Licensing for Eight Months

Northeast Ohio City Ban Marijuana Licensing for Eight Months

This law was passed easily by the Lakewood City Council two weeks ago. “Immediately stop issuing and processing permits that allow retail sellers, growers, or processors of marijuana for adult use in the city of Lakewood.”

The short-term ban will last for eight months. Lakewood Mayor Meghan George said, “It just gives us time to see what the Ohio General Assembly is going to do first.” “They have already said they are going to change the law in some way.”

A Tremont medical marijuana user who went to the Rise Dispensary on Madison Avenue in Lakewood is worried that the state lawmakers will try to weaken the new marijuana law that voters passed on November 7.

The man who asked not to be named said, “I can see why local governments might want to take some time for something if the state is going to step in and change the law in some other way.” The mayor makes it clear that the ban only applies to shops.

“(The) Lakewood ordinance only affects retail businesses that sell marijuana for adults. It has no effect at all on personal use or growing,” said Mayor George.

This is not the first time Lakewood has stopped issuing marijuana passes. They did it in 2016 when medical marijuana became legal. She said, “When that law was signed into law, we had a similar moratorium in place.” “Interesting times. Always fun times.”

The mayor says that cities are talking to each other about how to enforce the new law. However, she also says that towns are used to adjusting to new state rules because they had to do it during COVID.

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