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Nobody watching Jamie’s One-Pan Wonders will ever do this.ATN News

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It’s easy to pull girls in pubs because they hate being left alone. Still struggling? Use these foolproof conversation lines:


Sometimes actions speak louder than your blurry and sloppy words. Even if staring at the honey from a distance is unattractive. staring at them blankly For half an hour to get attention, which is a big obstacle to overcome. you are in it

‘Is any of you single?’

Some women argue that this type of Intel should be put together in detail and tact. But most like players who are assertive and straightforward. You also save time by not talking to them based on their looks or personality but on availability. A woman’s brain will notice your practicality and classify you as her husband’s medium.

‘You must be the best looking girl in this pub’

Give a compliment if you want. But it is necessary to hedge as much as possible. If it doesn’t sound right There is also a risk that their self-esteem may rise dangerously. And before you know it They’ll know they’re out of your league. Of course, you’re a gift from God for the fairer sex. And they need your love.

‘My partner likes you’

The only thing more seductive than approaching at night is being haunted by a third person. Women are the ones who hate maturity and confidence. So inviting a friend to talk to you will win her heart. It doesn’t work during your school days at the 9th Christmas disco, but in the pub it certainly does.

‘How many men do you have?

Talking to women is always at risk of being close friends. So be clear about your romantic intentions from the start with a sexually explicit investigation. when they answered are ready to respond with unsolicited comments to keep the conversation going.

‘You look like my ex’

Women judge men from other women. who want them So talking about your ex to that blonde bird at the bar. You will definitely be impressed with her. Don’t be surprised if she tries to tear your clothes off. and when the natural desires of animals dominate her rational thought process. Talking about failed relationships does just that with women.

Just put your arm around them

Physical contact is the most tested and tested voice line of them all. Wrapping your arms around a woman you’ve never met was so smooth that she asked the bartender to stop pouring her drink. Drag you to the bathroom and smash your brain. This happens every time, guaranteed.

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