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No seats for Quebec’s Conservative Party despite strong votesATN News

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The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) failed to elect a candidate for the National Assembly on Monday. But Leader Eric Duheim looked cheerful and determined as he spoke to supporters in the Quebec City region.

The party could increase its share of the vote from 1.4 percent in 2018 to a projected 13.1 percent, ranking within 2 percent of the official Liberal opposition party.

“This is the smiling guy here,” he said from a hotel in Lac-Delage, Que., a small municipality. outside quebec city

“We have come a long way. [the party] “We have the strongest growth,” he said. “We have to build that momentum.”

PCQ is doing very well in provincial and regional capitals. Chaudiere-Appalaches It came in second on 13 of the 17 rides that make up that area.

The race was particularly close on the Beauce-Nord and Beauce-Sud, with Coalition Avenir Québec defeating PCQ by just 202 votes and 425 votes respectively.

It’s here, but there’s no voice in the council.

Failure to select any candidate for any party loses the only seat it has. In June 2021, multinational corporations for Iberville Clare Samson crossed the floor and Join PCQ After she was fired from the CAQ political party

The last time the MNA Conservative Party was elected in this province was in 1935, and that was only before the party disbanded in 1936 to become part of the National Union.

During the speech, Duhaime said that PCQ was a victim of what he called “the scourge of the world.” “Distortion of democracy”

He noted that although the party’s popular vote was close to that of the Liberal Party, But it didn’t get a seat — while PLQ expected 23 wins.

But Duhaime, who lost to Chauveau on the ride to hold the position of CAQ MNA Sylvain Lévesque by more than 4,300 votes, promised PCQ would stay here.

group of people standing on stage  The man in the middle is speaking on the podium.
PCQ Leader Éric Duhaime thanks supporters and promises he’s here to stay. (David Rémillard/Radio-Canada)

He said the campaign went better than he expected. He participates in leadership discussions and brings new ideas to the public, such as the privatization of healthcare and the responsible exploitation of hydrocarbons.

“We have gathered more than 12,000 people during this campaign,” he told the cheering crowd.

He told his supporters the party would have more funding. More volunteers and more resources when the next election comes.

However, the PCQ does not qualify for official party status as currently set by Congress — 12 seats, or 20% of the popular vote.

“We will knock on the door more. We will sow more hope,” he said. “Now is the time to gather.”

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