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Nikolas Cruz’s bleak reason for ending the Parkland shooting as he said he was more targeted at the victims. ‘A disgusting look’ATN News

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Nicholas Cruise has revealed that the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School ended solely because of him. “I found no one to kill,” as he claimed that he “Show mercy” to some of his victims

A disturbing video was played in Broward County courthouse on Monday. It shows a 24-year-old mass murderer’s interview with forensic scientist Dr Charles Scott in March 2022.

In the video, Cruz calmly details how he murdered 17 students and staff at the high school. Including detailed preparation before the attack on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Cruz claimed that he “Show mercy” to his two victims – before killing them with an assault rifle because they caused him. “Looks disgusting”

“I think I showed mercy to those two women,” the killer told Dr. Scott.

“I’m going to walk away. But they started showing disgusting faces.”

Cruz did not name the victims he spoke of, but he killed 14-year-old Cara Loughran and 18-year-old Meadow Pollack as they tried to gather in a classroom arch on the third floor.

When asked how he showed mercy to them Cruz claimed he would not shoot them. But then decide because “Nasty look”

“I was thinking of shooting them. but i don’t want to So I’ll walk down the aisle, ”he said.

“But they grimaced at me,” he said, pulling on a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. His down to draw a face as an example.

Cruz also claimed that he thought they would try to stop him.

“I wasn’t aiming or anything, I was just shooting,” he was quoted as saying.

Cruz also claimed that “Security officers” also “make me look bad. So I shot him in the head,” which appears to be referring to sports director Chris Hixon who died trying to save his student.

“Peter Wang also makes me look bad,” Cruz also claimed of the 15-year-old Army Reserve Cadet (ROTC).

As he claimed that the so-called The “nasty look” prompted him to kill some of his victims. But this seems to contradict other opinions. which he gave to expert witnesses

Nicholas Cruz gave an interview in March 2022 to Dr. Scott.

(Law and Crime)

Cruz calmly describes the graphic details of the killing rampage. By saying that he saw one of his victims. Which seems to refer to first-year student Jaime Guttenberg “crawling” on the third floor and “I shot her in the back.”

When asked why he did that Cruise told Dr. Scott that “I told you I want to kill as many people as I can… So I shot her in the back. I shot her twice.”

The gunman said he believed Peter Wang was the last person he shot. It describes the terrifying moment he shot in the head of a teenager.

“His head exploded like a water balloon,” Cruz told the psychiatrist truthfully.

Cruz revealed what was the only reason he ended the massacre.

“I can’t find anyone to kill,” his response was harrowing.

Cruise told Dr Scott that he was trying to shoot through the windows of the freshman building and smash the glass so he could turn on the lights on the horrified hordes of students evacuated from the school.

But he couldn’t penetrate the glass.

As a result, he left his AR-15 and tactical vest on the third floor of the building and fled the school among the crowd.

Dr. Scott spent 500 hours in Cruise’s case. Check your school’s history and medical records. and interviewing the shooter for three full days in March 2022.

A forensic psychiatrist testified that Cruise’s ability to remember the details of the massacre and his decisions during the rampage showed he had sufficient executive function. It is a mental process that allows people to plan and control their behavior when needed.

He said Cruise’s physical examination led him to diagnose him with antisocial personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder History of behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior

Antisocial personality disorder is also called a social disorder and is a mental disorder in which a person disregards right and wrong. Malingering is where a person fakes or exaggerates their symptoms or tries to mislead an assessment specialist.

His testimony comes as prosecutors try to portray Cruz as a sociologist who plotted the attack and was remorseful in the killing of 17 victims, an argument that undermines Cruise’s defenses that the spectrum anomaly. Fetal alcohol (FASD) took him on Valentine’s Day. Massacre.

part of the diagnosis Dr. Scott explained that Cruise exhibited both impulsive and planned aggression. Each person will plan and study the aggression they want to take.

Dr Scott said aggressive planning is not a feature of FASD, but rather an antisocial personality disorder.

to support his diagnosis The jury showed another video clip. From an interview with Dr. Scott and Cruz The shooter detailed the plans and preparations that led to one of the largest mass shootings in US history.

In one clip, Cruise tells Doctor Scott about his preparations the night before the massacre. This included him practicing shooting in the backyard.

Cruz also said he planned ahead of time wearing a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School JRTOC polo shirt for the attack. “To disguise himself not to attract attention” and what to carry his gun to avoid doubts on the way to school.

The 24-year-old also told Dr. Scott also said he initially thought about mass shooting at the age of 13 or 14.

He said the thoughts would “come and go” – they would “pop up in my mind and disappear the next time.”

Cruz said he became interested in shooting by reading a book. Watch violent videos, such as videos about war. and a documentary about the Columbine Massacre.

In another clip, Cruz details his “research” on mass shootings, including Columbine and Virgina Tech, to prepare for himself.

“I do my own research. I searched on wikipedia. Study mass murderers and how they do it,” he said indifferently.

“Their plans and what they got and what they used.”

from his research He said he learned what kind of gun the killer used in those cases. as well as other things to expect during the massacre.

“They keep their distance from people. And they go as fast as possible. And the police did nothing,” he said.

He added that he learned that “If I do it on the school campus The cops won’t do anything.” And he’ll have a “little window” of time – “maybe 20 minutes.”

The jury also released Cruz’s social media history in the months before the attack. in which he talks about his plans

On September 24, 2017 – five months before the massacre and before his mother-in-law died, he wrote on YouTube, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.”

A few days later, he wrote, “My life is bad. I failed my high school exam. I will go on a rampage to kill.”

Dr Scott described Cruise’s YouTube comments as a “window to what he thought and felt”, revealing that he “I have been thinking of killing people and gunmen in schools for a long time.”

In the pre-production period, many Cruise also created a video in which he told viewers of his filming plans.

“With the power of my AR, you know who I am,” he said in one video.

“My target is 20 people. My place is Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida. It’s going to be a big event,” he said.

“When you see me on the news You will know who I am,” Cruz said with a smile and laugh.

“You’re all going to die,” he said, before shooting at the camera.

Dr. Scott testified that Cruise was “calm, orderly, slow-speaking” in the video, which was shot several days before filming.

post on social media video before the attack and Cruz’s own statement All show the level of plotting that led to the massacre. experts say

“This is not an urgent decision. This has been planned for months,” Dr Scott said.

The psychiatrist began testifying last Tuesday. as part of the prosecutor’s argument Before the trial was suspended due to Hurricane Ian.

The jury will decide whether to sentence Cruz to life imprisonment or to death.

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