Nikki Haley Trails Trump by Only Four Points in Latest New Hampshire Poll

According to the most recent poll, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is only four points behind former president Donald Trump in New Hampshire. There is a four-point margin of error for the survey.

Over the past six months, Haley’s popularity in New Hampshire has been slowly rising, and it appears that she may be peaking at the ideal time. This is particularly important since the Republican primary in the state is set for January 23, eight days after the Iowa Caucuses.

Donald Trump is currently ahead of Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire Republican primary, according to a new poll by the American Research Group. Between December and January 3, 600 likely Republican primary voters were questioned for the poll. Haley is trailing Trump with 33% of the vote, while Trump has 37%. With 10% of the vote, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is in third place; Florida governor Ron DeSantis is in fifth place with 5%.

Republican contributors who oppose Trump now favor Haley over DeSantis, who was once seen to be a formidable opponent to the outgoing president but lost pace in the polls. DeSantis trails Trump in Iowa by more than thirty points, even though the governor’s state has endorsed him.

Haley’s campaign received additional support when Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, a strong opponent of Trump, gave her endorsement. Haley’s standing in the polls has significantly increased after obtaining this support in the beginning of December. But as she becomes more well-known, Trump—under whom Haley formerly held the position of ambassador to the UN—is bound to respond negatively. Trump has resorted to labeling her as a birdbrain on his Truth Social platform.

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