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NGT Punjab News, National Green Tribunal slaps one more state after Maharashtra, a fine of Rs 2 thousand crore – ngt slaps over rs 2 thousand crore fine on punjab govt for failure to treat waste ATN News

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Chandigarh : The National Green Tribunal had imposed a fine of Rs 12,000 crore on the Maharashtra government for non-compliance with environmental regulations. After Maharashtra, the National Green Tribunal has also given a shock to Punjab. Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goyal has imposed the fine on the Punjab government for environmental damage and non-compliance with environmental norms by the National Green Tribunal.

The National Green Tribunal has blamed the Punjab government for failing to comply with the prescribed time frame for implementing pollution control measures since 2014. The Punjab government has been ordered to collect a fine of Rs.

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The National Green Tribunal said the widespread violation of environmental standards had led to many deaths and damage to the environment, and responsibility had not been fixed in Punjab. Last week, the National Green Tribunal imposed a fine of Rs 3,000 crore on the Rajasthan government in the case of liquid and solid waste. Uttar Pradesh government was fined Rs 100 crore for non-compliance of environmental norms in Pratapgarh, Rae Bareli, Jaunpur districts.

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Maharashtra fined 12 thousand crores

The National Green Tribunal had imposed a penalty of 12 thousand crores on the Maharashtra government two weeks ago. It was clear that this fine was imposed due to the environmental damage due to non-proper management of solid and liquid waste. The Maharashtra government has been slammed for not doing enough work for solid waste management and liquid waste management for the last eight years. Necessary work related to environment was not seen. The green arbitrator said that the time limit given in this regard has also expired.

Meanwhile, instructions are also given to various states from time to time by the National Green Tribunal for conservation of environment.

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