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Arrange special accommodation for my husband in jail..


His wife Ushabhai again approached the High Court on behalf of Gosha Mahal MLA Raja Singh, who is in jail in Hyderabad. It is learned that they have already filed a petition in the High Court questioning the cases registered by the Telangana Police against Raja Singh. Another petition was filed on Thursday, expressing concern that her husband’s life was in danger in jail. In the petition, she asked the High Court that her husband’s life was being threatened by his fellow inmates in the jail and therefore, special accommodation should be arranged for him.

Ushabhai requested the High Court that her husband be allotted a room away from other inmates in the jail. They asked the court to provide a separate room with bed, table, chair, newspapers, TV and cooking facilities. The petition was heard by High Court judge Justice Kannaganti Lalita on Thursday. The hearing was adjourned to the 28th of this month as the petitioner’s counsel sought more time to present arguments.

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