New year brings increase in minimum wage in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut; Reports

As the new year approaches, people in the Tri-State region can anticipate a raise in pay.

A $1 rise in the minimum wage is scheduled to go into effect in Westchester County, Long Island, and New York City on January 1.

NY, NJ CT minimum wage goes up in 2024, but is it enough? #shorts

For the remainder of New York state, the minimum wage will rise from $14.20 to $15.

If minimum wage workers do not see the increase reflected in their paychecks, they are advised to contact the Department of Labor by phone at (833) 910-4378 or by filing a complaint online.

The state’s minimum wage is scheduled to rise yearly by 1% until it hits $17 in New York City and its suburbs and $16 in the other portion of the state by 2026.

In the coming year, the minimum wage will rise in 22 states, including New York, according to a recent research published by the Economic Policy Institute.

This salary raise is a recent component of a broader initiative to enhance employee remuneration.

A Conversation Between New York State Legislature Members and Governor Kathy Hochul

The minimum wage in Connecticut is rising to $15.69 per hour from its previous figure of $15, which went into effect in June 2023.

New Jersey’s minimum wage increased by $1 to $15.13 for the whole state.

In a joint statement made on Monday, Governor Murphy, Lieutenant Governor Way, Senate President Scutari, and Speaker Coughlin expressed confidence about the wage hike exceeding $15 and its beneficial effects on New Jerseyans.

The statement states with delight that “as we begin a new year, we are full of hope and optimism and we take great pride in the fact that New Jersey’s statewide minimum wage has now surpassed $15 per hour.” In January 2018, when we initially partnered, New Jersey’s minimum pay was a pitiful $8.60 per hour. Thanks to a statute passed in February 2019, we are now one of the few states in the nation with a minimum wage higher than $15 per hour. In addition, this pay is increased every year to reflect inflation, guaranteeing that hardworking families won’t be left behind when costs rise.

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