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neha khan, acp divya singh in devmanus can be in bigg boss marathi house, countdown has started – devmanus marathi serial fame divya singh can be in bigg boss marathi 4 ATN News

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Mumbai : Bigg Boss Marathi 4 is now starting from 2nd October. The promotion of this show is going on vigorously. The curiosity of who will be in this popular show has now reached its peak. Many predictions are made. News is being extracted from the inner circle.

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Some speculations are also made that if a series is closed, its actors may be in the Bigg Boss Marathi house. Because it is not possible for an artist to stay in one place for so many months. Devamanoos 2 series ended recently. Some of these actors were always in the news. One of them is ACP Divya Singh.

Now the buzz is that Neha Khan, who played the role of Divya Singh, will now be in ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 4’. Neha’s glamor will be seen in this new season. Neha Khan has previously acted in films like Shikari, Bad Girl, Kale Dhande, Half Truth, Gurukul, Beyond Borders. But due to ‘Devmanoos’ series, she has reached the household and she has got recognition in real sense.

In an interview, Neha spoke about her struggle. Having no acting background at home, she decided to enter the field. The situation at home was desperate. Mother Marathi, father Muslim. Both were not accepted by their families as they had a love marriage. The mother was attacked to prevent the mother from getting the father’s property. In this attack, she got 370 stitches on her body. The father was also absconding, fearing that he would be held responsible for the attack. After this, Neha had said that her mother took care of her and her siblings.

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