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“N-League leaders doubt whether to accept Nawaz Sharif’s narrative or Shahbaz Sharif’s.”ATN News

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Nawaz Sharif is currently considering a strategy to reduce the damage, but he is going to do this job by coming to Pakistan, it cannot be done by sitting outside. There is a lack of organization within PML-N. One of the disadvantages of PML-N coming into the federal government is that people from their party are asking for positions even though this government is not of PML but of PDM. All posts and party tickets are distributed in one house. Shahbaz Sharif’s narration is still with Bajwa Sahib. Now Maryam Nawaz has to post a new narrative, PML-N will have to see whether Bajwa’s narrative will work or Nawaz Sharif’s, keeping both narratives together will only create chaos. This is what Aniq Naji says.

In Naya Dur TV’s talk show ‘Khabar Se Ai’, he said that while fulfilling the duty of Shafiq Bhai, Nawaz Sharif deliberately did not mention Bajwa Sahib and Faiz Hameed because he did not want to create problems for Shahbaz Sharif. (N) League leaders are reluctant to accept Nawaz Sharif’s narrative or Shahbaz Sharif’s. The PML-N people are taking tickets from the Sharif family and are also in touch with the establishment. The PML-N is currently facing many challenges. If the present government has the powers why not put the name of Faiz Hameed and Saqib Nisar in ECL. Nawaz Sharif sat patiently for 8 months and watched the crop wither, he fulfilled the relationship he had with his brother. Now PML-N should come out of family politics.

Anchorperson Tanzeela Mazhar said PML-N should answer Imran Khan’s allegations. Now that such voices have started coming from within the PML-G, people will also acknowledge Imran Khan. If the current government was too confident to distrust, why was the narrative not prepared? Dar Sahib organized a program against Miftah Ismail and then Miftah also had to speak in response to this. PML-N is not sure that they should take decisions themselves, they ask the institution for assurance of every decision.

He said that PML-N is delaying to take political decisions, what narrative will Maryam Nawaz come and adopt, Imran Khan has exhausted all the narratives. The PML-G is currently stuck, it seems difficult whether Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif will be able to pull the PML-G out of this quagmire. Imran Khan does not know what the system is and how it works, but those who do know what they are doing. PML-N has no strategy, they should have tried to create economic consensus, lack of action within PML-G.

Murtaza Solangi said that after Maryam Nawaz’s return to the country, it will be seen what strategy she adopts and how she settles matters with Shahbaz Sharif. Inflation has already reached 25 percent, the government has yet to settle matters with the IMF. Imran Khan has completely distanced himself from the current economic instability as if he has no role in it. The current coalition government and especially the PML-N will not be able to get votes by blaming Bajwa, Faiz Hameed and Saqib Nisar. The government will have to answer for the last 7-8 months, without this answer people will not support you. If the people are not satisfied, they will necessarily support Imran Khan’s lies.

The host of the show Raza Rumi said that Imran Khan is very popular right now. His current popularity is higher than in the past, his social media has played a very important role in this. People from every department are with him. Imran Khan’s propaganda along with inflation is also involved in this. This propaganda can only be broken through political action, but the government must have something to sell. There is support of Imran Khan even within the army, Imran Khan got open freedom because the army also faced pressure from within the establishment.

The host of the show was Raza Rumi. ‘Khabar Se Aayda’ airs live on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday at 9:05 PM.

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