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Modi UK Visit: PM Modi’s visit to London in October… is it for that one deal…!ATN News

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to India Britain (Britain) has a good relationship from before. However, both countries are taking steps to improve trade relations. UK (UK), to complete the contracts as soon as possible India India seems to have recently overtaken the UK to become the fifth largest economy in the world. This order is likely to sign more agreements between the two countries. Prime Minister next month for this Narendra Modi (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) seems to be going on a trip to London. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reportedly visit London soon to sign the bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Both India and Britain expect the Prime Minister to visit London in October, some officials said. Liz Truss took over as UK Prime Minister earlier this month after Boris Johnson stepped down. She looks to use FTA as a key tool.
* Deal with Diwali
Truss has dismissed allegations that Britain is interested in India as Britain is unlikely to sign a trade deal with the US. Formal negotiations on the FTA between India and the UK have been completed in five rounds of talks. There are only a few issues to be resolved. It is reported that both the countries are trying to sign this agreement by Diwali on October 24. The FTA is expected to increase UK exports to India by £16 billion a year by 2035.

As International Trade Secretary and Foreign Secretary, Truss has maintained close economic and strategic ties with India. In May 2021, they signed the India-UK Enhanced Trade Partnership on behalf of Boris Johnson’s government. Officials said India and the UK are confident of concluding the FTA before Diwali and the trade ministers will sign the agreement in the presence of the two prime ministers. He said that a final decision regarding the visit and logistics will be taken in the first week of October.
*For one contract only..
Modi is likely to visit London during Diwali if his tour is finalised. The visit is said to be limited to signing the FTA. No official statement has come out from either country in this regard. Emails sent by news agencies to the PMO and Commerce Ministry seeking details on the matter also went unanswered.
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* Focus on increasing exports
FTA chapters on automobiles, mobility and migration are among the issues that both sides have yet to finalize. The UK-Australia agreement allows British companies to recruit Australian professionals from a range of fields, including engineering and architecture. It is reported that India has not yet responded to this offer. Another official said there is a broad understanding of the 26 chapters. The two sides are holding consultations on a fast track to resolve the outstanding issues in October, official sources said.
* India is the fifth largest economy
Following Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), the UK is interested in trade deals with major economies such as India. India recently overtook Britain to become the fifth largest economy in the world. The UK has agreements with 69 countries including the European Union. India completed trade deals with Australia and the United Arab Emirates this year. It is negotiating with the European Union, Canada and other countries.

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