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Modi takes common man’s money and gives it to his ‘drunk capitalist friends’: Rahul GandhiATN News

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of taking money from the pockets of common people and giving it to his “crony capitalist friends”, one of whom is the world’s second-richest person.

Gandhi, a Wayanad MP, also accused Modi of “crushing” small businesses and entrepreneurs through various economic policies such as demonetisation and mis-implementation of GST and “making way for big business”.

He addressed a crowd of people who had gathered to hear him at Paravur Junction in Aluva and was also part of the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ as it moved through Kochi city during the day.

“The 14th day of #BharatJodoYatra has seen the highest turnout ever in and around Kochi. It was a sea of ​​tricolor amidst the sea of ​​people as the pilgrims walked 23 kms. The yatra covered 310 kms in two weeks. The response has been overwhelming,” informed the AICC General Secretary. Contact Jairam Ramesh tweeted.

In his address, Rahul Gandhi said that apart from demonetisation and faulty GST implementation, the Covid-19 lockdown has badly affected small businesses, labourers, farmers and other sections of the society, apart from a few billionaires in the country.

He alleged that while the huge loans of big businessmen were written off or marked as non-performing assets, when ordinary people failed to repay their loans, their houses were seized or they were branded as criminals.

“His (Modi’s) job is to pave the way for big business. He has divided the country and its people and done it by spreading hatred, anger and violence, thereby distracting people from what is really happening,” he said.

Explaining how this is happening, Gandhi said, “Modi is dividing the country, creating anger, taking what’s yours and giving it to his 3-4 capitalist friends who own the media, so they promote him on TV and flood his films. He confirms that they can monopolize any business they want on social media.”

“Your money has gone into the pocket of a man who has become the second richest man in the world. This man can buy any airport or seaport, doesn’t need a permit to do business, can dominate any sector,” he said. was added.

Rahul Gandhi said that the concerned businessman gets his money from public sector banks, which should actually be people’s money, which should be used to build schools and hospitals.

This has led to the creation of “two Indias”, one consisting of a few billionaires who control all businesses and can fulfill their dreams, and the other consisting of millions of people such as farmers, labourers, small traders, IT professionals etc. Their dreams could not be realized, he said.

So, when the prices of fuel and commodities go up and the fishermen are not subsidized, people should question where all that money has gone, he added.

Gandhi said that during the Congress rule, through policies like MGNREGA, it put money in people’s pockets, but the Modi government is doing the opposite through its economic policies.

“So people should question where the money is going and this is what ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ is trying to promote, he said.

He said that India was a country that gained independence by defeating superpowers through the principle of non-violence preached by Mahatma Gandhi and therefore should treat everyone with love and affection without anger and hatred.

Nelson Mandela also said at the end of his speech that he was able to continue the struggle against apartheid even after his release by following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and enduring decades of imprisonment.

‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ covers 3,570 km in 150 days. It starts from Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and ends in Jammu and Kashmir on 7th September.

The Yatra, which entered Kerala on September 10, will cover a distance of 450 km across the state touching seven districts in 19 days before entering Karnataka on October 1.

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