Michigan City is to Ban Gas-powered Leaf Blowers

Michigan City is to Ban Gas-powered Leaf Blowers

In a college town in Michigan, leaf blowers are running out of gas. Because they make noise and pollute the air, Ann Arbor is banning gas-powered fans. According to MLive.com, they can still be used from October to May, but by January 2028, they will no longer be allowed at all.

Monday, the City Council passed the law by a vote of 10-0. Jenn Cornell, a council member, said that the change should give landscape companies time to find other blowers.

A resident and past council member named Joan Lowenstein said that lawn care workers will be “happy to not be abused by having to wear gasoline backpacks and be in danger every day.”

Fines for violations will be either $100 or $250, based on how many times they happen. Low-income people and small businesses will be able to use the money to buy leaf blowers that don’t use gas.

Ann Arbor has 123,000 people and is home to the University of Michigan. It is known for having a progressive government. Downtown, the city banned public maintenance tools with two-cycle gas engines in 2019.

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