Maryland mother finds $100,000 lottery ticket in her Christmas stocking

A touching tale came out of Maryland, where a woman won an incredible $100,000 after finding a scratch-off ticket in her Christmas stocking. This fortunate person, who doesn’t typically buy lottery tickets herself, was obviously ecstatic about this big, unexpected fortune.

The Worcester County resident admitted to Maryland Lottery representatives that she often doesn’t buy her own lottery tickets. She does, however, occasionally enjoy scratch-offs when they are presented to her as gifts.

As a Christmas stocking stuffer, a relative gave the woman a $10 Ultimate Cash scratch-off ticket, which made her very happy. She was shocked and overjoyed to learn that the ticket had won a whooping $100,000 reward.

The winner acknowledged that because their family jokes a lot, they thought the news was phony at first.

The woman was overjoyed to learn that the ticket was real after buying it from Thirsty’s on Ocean Highway in Delmar. She eagerly traveled to the lottery’s headquarters to pick up her well-earned winnings.

The winner stated that she intends to put a sizeable amount of her winnings into savings accounts for her kids.

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