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Marriage ceremony of Shri Rama Mata Sita with people of Ayodhya at Janakpur Why did Sita say before marriage, now the days of penance have come.ATN News

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King Janak’s eyes were constantly filled with tears. The controller of the world was now his son-in-law. A man usually does not take off the wazifa cloak from his shoulder, but every cloak was removed from the father. King Janak of Janakpur, the scholarly pilgrim, was then father, only father…

He got up and bowed at the feet of Sage Vishvamitra. Rajarshi blessed him and said, “The Shiva Dhanash for which it was made is complete. It is Rajan’s day of celebration! Yuga has found its hero. Let the celebration be announced and a message sent to Ayodhya.” “

“But there is one more test, Gurudev!” King Janak had a mysterious smile on his face.
“We have no role in this, Rajan! This is Rama’s work, only he should do it…you do yours.” Vishvamitra’s face was satisfied.

The king ordered – the subjects should be tax-free for a whole year! Every poor family should be given food and money equal to their needs for the whole year. Prisoners caught in petty crimes should be released. Events should be announced in the city.

Janakpur woke up! The God who had come down to establish religion in Ayodhya was now the Pahon of Janakpur, and Siya had given Janakpur this blessing. Jagat Jani will be our daughter for every generation and Ram Ji Pahun! This bond will never be broken… Countless ages have passed. The villagers of Janakpur maintain this connection even at a time when they have turned away from religion under the influence of Kali Yuga.

The king went to work. A message was sent to Ayodhya, King Dasharatha, satisfied with the tales of his son’s bravery, organized a procession, and the whole of Ayodhya came out to witness Rama’s marriage, one day standing on the banks of the river Kamala. Janakpur.
Embracing Maharaj Janak who came out of the city to welcome the procession, King Dasharatha asked: How many daughters do you have?
Gugged Junk said, “There are four in all, Samadhiji! Two are mine, and two are my uncle’s!”
– Make a friend request?
– Order, my lord!
I also have four sons friend! Where will I find daughters worthy of them now in my old age? You have chosen one, for three this poor hand is outstretched. We would both be free…”

Satisfied, Janak said, “My fortune, Your Majesty! From now on, the four princes are my sons and the four princesses are your daughters. The whole of Janakpur is yours, Your Majesty, enter this poor kingdom…”
The procession came to the city. Citizens of Ayodhya and Janakpur mingled with each other. On the other hand, Dil got a message that the marriage of all four girls is to take place. Siya will have Rama and Urmila will have Laxman. Mandvi’s Bharata and Shrutikirti’s Shatroghana.
Sitting with her sisters in her room, Sia said, “Now give your toys to the little girls, sisters! Our days of play are over, now are the days of severe penance.”
None of the three could understand what Sia was saying! Urmila’s eyes had that handsome proud young man and a smile on his lips…


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