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Mangrove Forest: West Bengal is the savior to prevent the storm! Many states, including Gujarat, have applied to Bengal for mangrove fodder 6 states including Gujarat appealed to take mangrove saplings from West Bengal, says forest minister Jyotipriyo Mullick ATN News

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Mangrove Forest: Six states have asked West Bengal about mangrove technology. The list includes states like Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.

Kolkata: The six coastal states of the country are on the doorstep of West Bengal to prevent the storm. Modi’s state Gujarat has expressed its desire to learn ‘mangrove technology’ from Bengal and has applied for seeds. The list also includes the coastal states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. West Bengal Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallik said this on this day. He said that these six states are going to take 9 types of mangrove seeds from West Bengal.

West Bengal Forest Minister Jyotipriya Mallick told reporters outside the Assembly on Wednesday, ‘Environment and Forest Department takes modeling of the trees that are growing to Delhi. On behalf of Delhi, it is said that West Bengal has created a model in this regard. After hearing that, six states, Odisha, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka wanted this model from us. ‘ He added, ”. The Sundarbans mangrove forest in West Bengal is one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. Apart from Sundarbans, mangrove plantation has also started in several places in West Bengal. This mangrove forest of Sundarbans has witnessed cyclones like Ayala, Amphan, Fani, Yas. But the mangroves are the sole credit of Sundarbans standing tall despite such a big storm. Mangrove plants have taproots. It is with these roots that mangroves hold themselves firmly to the soil. As a result, even in hundreds of storms, mangroves do not get uprooted from the ground.

In addition to not being uprooted, they also save village after village and people’s lives from the force of the storm. During Amphan, even the Sundarbans region was spared some of the storm’s impact in Kolkata and neighboring cities. Cyclones formed in the ocean are intercepted by mangrove forests, meteorologists said. And as its speed decreases, so does the impact. In this regard, it should be noted that whenever a cyclone originates, the coastal states are the most affected. So this time 6 states have come to West Bengal to save themselves from the storm. Modi-Shah state is also in that list. Meanwhile, West Bengal has achieved great success in mangrove cultivation. So the rest of the states are looking at West Bengal to increase mangrove cultivation.


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