Local Hospitals Reimpose Mask and Visitation Policies Due to Rising Illnesses

Local Hospitals Reimpose Mask and Visitation Policies Due to Rising Illnesses

Respiratory diseases are on the rise, with the CDC reporting an increase in outpatient visits for the seventh week in a row. At the same time, hospitalizations for COVID-19, flu, and RSV are increasing across the country.

The CDC keeps a close eye on the percentage of visits for symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat. The CDC has classified South Carolina and Louisiana as having “very high” activity levels for respiratory viruses.

Flu infections spike when temperatures drop from December to February, necessitating greater testing. Dr. Kurt Gambla of Beaufort Memorial emphasizes the significance of testing, particularly in cases of colds, COVID-19, and flu.

“We’ve tested about 300 people for the flu in the last week, and about 80 of them have tested positive.” “And that’s been fairly evenly distributed between flu a and flu b,” Gambla says.

Local Hospitals Reimpose Mask and Visitation Policies Due to Rising Illnesses

Prisma Health changed its visitor regulations on December 27 in response to increased influenza and respiratory diseases. Children under the age of 16 are no longer permitted to visit patients. Dr. Sangita Dash, an infectious disease specialist, emphasizes the goal of the change: to protect patients, families, and staff against seasonal flu and respiratory diseases.

“We are doing this to protect our patients, their loved ones, and our own team members against the spread of seasonal flu and other respiratory illnesses,” Dash said.

Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the hospital, and while masks are suggested for visitors, they are not required. Ongoing monitoring ensures that visitation rules are in sync with the changing situation.

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is likewise reacting to the rise by advising people to avoid going to the hospital unless absolutely essential. Those suffering from respiratory viruses are urged to avoid visits until seeking treatment.

To prevent the transmission of respiratory infections, patients and visitors to Spartanburg Regional facilities are asked to wear masks. Masks will be required for doctors and colleagues in clinical areas at system hospitals and Medical Group of the Carolinas locations beginning Wednesday, boosting safety safeguards.

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