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Liz Truss denounces Vladimir Putin’s ‘desperate’ over Western nuclear bomb threatsATN News

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Last night, LIZ Truss retorted Putin’s “desperate” base, doubling the “disastrous” war and threatening to annihilate the West.

The prime minister ripped off her first major speech to the United Nations after the Russian president accelerated the invasion and called on hundreds of thousands of reservists to fight.

Liz Truss hits back on 'desperate' Putin in her first UN speech


Liz Truss hits back on ‘desperate’ Putin in her first UN speechcredit: AP
Ms Truss condemns the evil dictator who sent his people.  'To a terrible fate'


Ms Truss condemns the evil dictator who sent his people. ‘To a terrible fate’credit: Getty

Mrs. Truss condemns the evil dictator who sent his people. “To a terrible fate” as the grueling war continues. with rape and “Savage weapons” were used.

And she called on world leaders to respond, saying: “It’s time to act.”

The Prime Minister denied the threat of nuclear war was merely “Sound of a mighty sword” only

She rebuked: “This morning we saw Putin trying desperately to prove his failure.

Putin Threatens NUKE West and declares 'I didn't bluff' at address
Russia 'raised attacks on civilians' as Putin 'failed in military objectives'

“He has made great efforts to claim democratic rights for a regime without human rights or liberties.

“And he is making more deceptive and threatening claims.

“This method doesn’t work. Ukraine is strong.

Mrs Truss praises Olena Selenska, First Lady “Brave and graceful,” which she met last night in New York. And insisted: “We will not rest until Ukraine wins.

Most read in The Scottish Sun.

“Ukrainians are not just defending their own country. But they are protecting our values ​​and the security of the whole world.
“That’s why we have to act.”

Joe Biden also attacked the Kremlin chief on charges of They “suck lies” and the world “should see these evil acts for who they are.”

With the risk of nuclear Armageddon He warned the sane Russian leader: “Nuclear war cannot be won. And there must be no day of fighting.”

High-ranking diplomatic sources said yesterday they were dealing with Putin’s nuclear threat. “Seriously,” but they won’t participate in the battle of words.

‘Courageous and graceful’

They said: “The whole threat of tactical nuclear weapons which can be sad Or use nuclear weapons that are bigger than that actually exist.

“We will not be joining the fight for a speech on the nuclear threat from a man who delayed his speech last night. As he spoke, he trembled. And now it is trying to mobilize reserves that are trying to go to airports across Russia .

“His lies are following him.”

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister James Cleverly It will shame Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov before him today. in the big tournament

at the meeting of foreign ministers He will claim violations of Russian law. Reveal their plans to fix deceptive referendum results and demand justice for their illegal invasion.

He was destined to say: “We can and must make it clear to President Putin and it must be clear that his attack on the sovereign will of the Ukrainian people – made manifest as they fight for their home – must be stopped.

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“A raid on the UN Charter and the international norms that protect us will not be tolerated. And he has to withdraw from Ukraine to return to regional and global stability.”

The UK will meet with the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, who is leading the war crimes investigation.

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