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Labor Party Meeting 2022 – LIVE: Starmer ‘will cut taxes for the highest earners’ATN News

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Keir Starmer confirmed Labor’s plan to revive the 45p cap on income tax.

Sir Kier Starmer has pledged to reverse the conservative government’s decision to scrap high income tax rates for the highest earners.

He told BBC Sunday’s Laura Kuenssberg program he would recommend the 45p rate again.

“I don’t think opting for tax cuts for those earning hundreds of thousands of pounds is the right choice when our economy is struggling as it is. Working people are struggling the way they are,” said the Labor Party leader.

Serkir said he would not change the planned 1p cut to the base rate.

He made the comments as a Labor meeting was underway in Liverpool.

Sir Kier told a group of representatives ahead of time that the deteriorating economy was “Nonsense” which received applause and cheers. When he began to criticize the FTI’s tax cuts.

Kwasi Kwarteng defended his mini-budget on the same day, denying it would benefit the wealthiest in society.


Starmer calls drip economics ‘peeping’.

Sir Kier Starmer called the stagnant economy “Chirad” as he waived the new tax cuts announced by the government.

He received a round of applause. Yelled and booed as he spoke to a large number of delegates ahead of the annual Labor Party convention.

Rob MerrickOur deputy political editor reports:


Sir Keir Starmer and Zero Carbon Electricity

Back to the Labor Leaders, here’s Sir Keir Starmer on the Carbon-Free Power Plan:


Kwarteng brushes off questions about mini-budget and pound.

Kwasi Kwarteng has dispelled questions about the slump in the pound after spending his small budget.

The Prime Minister said he He was “focused on the economy” when asked if he was concerned about diving sterling to its lowest level in decades. stock market slump and increased government borrowing costs

“We need to have a clearer approach to growth. And that’s what I said on Friday,” he told the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme.

“I think if we can get some reforms … if we can get back in business. We will keep this country moving and our economy growing. And that’s what I’m 100 percent focused on.”

Here’s a reminder of what happened at the beginning of the week:


UK has ‘A very big political rift,’ Starmer said.

Serkir Starmer said that now there is “A very large political divide”

“Now you have the Conservative Party. By saying that the future of this country is a country where the rich will become richer. And we don’t offer anything meaningful to working people,” he told the BBC.

“You’ve got the Labor Party saying we need to grow our economy – that’s the single biggest setback in the last 12 years of this Tory government – but we need to be aware of who’s growing this economy.”

He said the workers would “Grow the economy from bottom to top and middle” rather than “this theory that only the very wealthy top builds and drives our economy.”


Starmer said Labor would make higher tax rates for the highest earners.

And on that note, Sir Keir Starmer announced that the Labor government would bring back the 45p tax rate for the highest earners.

But it won’t reverse the planned 1p cut to base rate, according to our Whitehall editors. Kate Devlin report:


Andy Burnham says Labor should reverse tax cuts

Andy Burnham says the future Labor government should scrap the 1p income tax cut and bring back the 45p rate to challenge party leader Sir Keir Starmer. Kate Devlin report:


Andy Burnham says ‘blatant act of vandalism’, small budget

Andy Burnham criticized the small budget and tax cuts in an interview with Sky News this morning.

“You have a budget that has spent billions on the richest people in the country and actually did nothing meaningful to get people through the fall and winter. Honestly, it’s hard to believe.”

“After a period of national unity The way I would describe Friday’s budget is the blatant act of vandalizing this country’s social property.”

Watch the interview clip here:


Good morning and welcome to our coverage of UK politics as the small budget impact continues.

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