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Beyond the limit..

Sand Kingdom!Sand loading and unloading at Vallurapalam stock yard

Three days later loading.. lorry bars

Population of the people of Nandigama area

Thottavallur, September 22: Sand loading and unloading at Vallurapalam stock yard turned into a nightmare. Lorry drivers in Nandigama and Kanchikacharla areas complain that they do not know when the sand loading will start and when it will stop. He said that he rested during the day for a few days and sanded only at night. After sand loading was stopped three days ago and resumed on Thursday, lorries carrying sand lined the dam for kilometers. Allegations are being raised that recommended lorries are given priority. The police imposed the restriction following the allegation that 40 tonnes of sand was filled in a 10 tire lorry in violation of the rules. The drivers openly said that they are seeing hell with this sand policy.

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