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Kilwaughter Minerals Announces Nearly £5 Million Investment In Capital InfrastructureATN News

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Such funds will be used for various projects. with a focus on improving capability and efficiency. Reduce the carbon footprint of the company headquartered in Larne. and increase the position of “market leader” in the construction and agriculture sectors

The initiative included the construction of additional warehouses. Improved factories and machines and a new mixing plant that was completed earlier this year.

The mineral processor also plans to upgrade its offices at Kilwaughter, as well as a distribution and office in Cork, to serve its growing customer base in the Republic of Ireland. These investments are in addition to recently completed renovations. This will be at the St Helens Company site and the new business center at its headquarters in 2021.

Gary Wilmot, CEO of Kilwaughter

Kilwaughter serves a growing customer base with products such as color rendering. exterior wall insulation system soil conditioning minerals and lime solution for livestock to control bacteria.

Gary Wilmot, CEO of Kilwaughter Minerals said, “While we strive to stay at the forefront of the industries and markets we serve, Investing in capital infrastructure remains an ongoing commitment for Kilwaughter.

“These investments cover projects. Taking place in 2022 and 2023, many projects are ultimately designed to improve the customer experience. as well as the environment and opportunities for our team.

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MBE for Kilwaughter Minerals’ Longest-Term Directors and Employees

“Demand for our products has increased. We therefore need to plan for future growth and development. This is in line with our commitment to sustainability. Our capital expenditure is to purchase a more efficient stone drying system. That will help us reduce our carbon emissions while improving production efficiency.”

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