Kentucky man imprisoned after missing North Carolina teen found in secret trap door

Kentucky man imprisoned after missing teen found in secret trap door

A Kentucky man is facing an extensive list of charges after a missing youngster was discovered within a secret trap door at his home, according to deputies.

According to an arrest citation, officers from Lincoln County were called to a home in the 1400 block of Robertstown Rd. on Christmas for an altercation between the caller’s son, 34-year-old Zackary Jones, and his “girlfriend.”

When deputies arrived, Jones informed them that the female subject was not present.

According to the citation, as Jones led the deputies into the house, they saw narcotics paraphernalia with residue in plain sight. Jones allegedly took it and attempted to dispose of it in a wood burner in his bedroom.

He was restrained and placed in the back of a cruiser by deputies. They returned inside to look for the female.

According to the citation, investigators discovered her inside a trap door placed beneath a rug in Jones’ bedroom.

The 16-year-old went missing in North Carolina earlier this month. Jones had picked her up in North Carolina and brought her back to Kentucky, she told the officers.

According to the deputies, she seemed to be “very high” at the time. Jones admitted to using narcotics with the youngster and having a sexual interaction with her, according to the citation.

Jones is charged with assault, strangling, illegal sex act, unlawful transaction with a minor, illegal controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance (cocaine), and resisting arrest.

We’ve been told that Jones is also facing charges in connection with the issue in North Carolina. He could potentially face additional charges in Kentucky.

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