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‘Jungle Raj’ going on in Bengal, BJP report alleges – Uttarbanga Sambad ATN News

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Prasenjit Dasgupta, New Delhi: A five-member fact-finding committee has recommended a full-fledged probe by the CBI and the National Human Rights Commission into allegations of police brutality in the BJP’s Navanna campaign. All India President of BJP on Saturday JP Nadda Handing over this 25-page report, they clearly said that the obstruction of the BJP march on 13th, led by three IPS officers Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Damayanti Sen and Siddhinath Gupta, is anti-constitutional and anti-democratic.

The committee feels that the indiscriminate attack on women and BJP workers by the police has been a gross violation of humanity. This could result in an impartial investigation only by a central agency. At the same time, the committee also brought the Trinamool Congress to the table and said that many Trinamool workers had actively participated in front of the administration in obstructing the BJP workers. Details have been communicated to Nadda by the committee. The All India President of BJP assured to look into the matter and take appropriate action.

In this context, one of the members of the committee, former IPS and Rajya Sabha MP Brijlal said, ‘We were shocked after talking to the BJP workers in West Bengal after the Nabanna campaign. The police administration of West Bengal did whatever it took to strangle a democratic movement. The manner in which they attacked BJP workers without any provocation, and especially women workers, was a gross violation of humanity and human rights. BJP workers led by three IPS police officers were viciously attacked in the name of obstruction. For this reason, we have sought a CBI inquiry as well as an inquiry by the National Human Rights Commission. Because we are clear, what the police did in the name of obstructing the Bengal BJP’s Navanna campaign is against the constitution and humanity.’

It is learned that the 25-page report has been accused of well-planned attacks on BJP workers and women workers. The report even mentions Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee’s ‘shot in the head’ comment. In addition to the CBI investigation, the intervention of the National Human Rights Commission has also been sought. In that report, the central party of BJP also made several recommendations to Nadda. It said that a Central Intelligence Agency team should be immediately sent to Bengal to investigate the violence against BJP workers in the state. The whole incident needs a CBI investigation. Not only this, the central party of the BJP also alleged that human rights were violated while suppressing the Navanna campaign of the BJP. They claimed that the male police had lathi-charged the women workers of the party. It has also been recommended to send the National Human Rights Commission to Bengal to investigate him. The report by the central party of the BJP also mentioned the names of three IPS officers of the state, Siddhinath Gupta, Damayanti Sen, Praveen Kumar Tripathi. Charges of inciting violence and favoritism have been leveled against them. The central party of BJP claims that ‘Jungle Raj’ is going on in Bengal.

A skirmish broke out between the police and BJP workers during the BJP’s Navanna campaign on 13th. The police left no stone unturned to disperse the mass march with tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons, lathi charge. Similarly, the agitated crowd attacked the police in several places. Many BJP workers were injured in the extensive lathi charge by the police. 35 people had to be hospitalized with serious injuries. After that BJP’s All India President JP Nadda formed a 5-member fact finding committee based on the complaint of the state BJP. This committee visited the houses of every injured BJP worker and spoke to the workers. Prepared report by analyzing CCTV footage and media reporting. The story of police brutality has emerged in this 25 page report. The committee members handed over the report to BJP All India President JP Nadda in Delhi on Saturday afternoon.

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