‘It’s a human tragedy’: House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman on Texas border issue

TexasThe House and Senate are still debating whether to tie border financing to help for Israel and Ukraine, as the ongoing border crisis remains a major issue in Washington, D.C. We got a firsthand look at the issue when ABC13 traveled to McAllen with a bipartisan group of Texas politicians.

Eyewitness News saw a group of 22 migrants voluntarily turn themselves in while on our tour, and ABC13 also saw this. Men, women, and little children were among them; the youngest being a 16-month-old child clothed in pajamas. The migrants boarded a bus to go to one of the processing centers in the area after their encounter at the wall. If they applied for asylum, they would most likely be freed and allowed to stay in the country until a court rendered a ruling, which would take years.

Night after night, and well into the morning, the procedure keeps happening.

Illegal crossings are a problem for border towns throughout the 1,254-mile length where Texas and Mexico collide.

Over 111,000 interactions between migrants and Customs and Border Protection occurred in Texas in November. These people come from China, Russia, the Middle East, Central and South America, and other places.

Recently, ABC13 received an interesting tour of the border and great insight into the issues at hand from Chris Cabrera, an experienced Border Patrol agent and member of the national union.

Cabrera asked an interesting question: would you just mop up the water in an overflowing sink, or would you be more proactive and switch off the water supply?

This is a critical visit for a bipartisan congressional delegation led by Texas congressman Michael McCaul, who represents portions of Houston, College Station, and Austin. In addition, Michael McCaul chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Congressman McCaul underlined the need for cooperation while talking about national security. He stated his opinion that in these kinds of situations, it is imperative that the country speak with one voice. In an interview with ABC13, McCaul expressed his opinion that the current state of affairs is bad for the entire nation and threatens the fundamental fabric of our democracy. He called it a tragedy involving humankind.

He is joined by Monica De La Cruz, a first-term congressman from this district who offers a more comprehensive viewpoint.

She underlined that it’s critical to understand that this is a problem that affects all Americans, regardless of where they reside. This affects all of us, from New York City to Brownsville and McAllen, Texas.

The lone Democrat, Henry Cuellar, stressed that the current developments have at last brought border communities’ long-standing struggles to the attention of the national community.

Cuellar stated that he thinks that when immigration has an immediate impact on a person’s own neighborhood, attitudes toward it shift. He said that places like New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. are reluctant to welcome immigrants because they understand that things are different when it comes to them.

A prospective Republican named Randy Weber is pleading with Congress to intervene.

He said, “I think that Americans are beginning to become more aware.”

In an attempt to provide support to stop the flood of migrants before they reach the border, Weber and the other members of the delegation journey to Mexico City from the frontier.

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