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Is your cat licking its paws excessively? Find out why….. ATN News

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Digital Desk: Paw licking is a very common behavior in cats. Paw licking is part of a cat’s regular grooming routine. Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, but this grooming behavior is also linked to the cat’s physical and emotional well-being. Paw licking is one way cats clean themselves. Distributing saliva throughout the body helps in their grooming.

Cats typically spend 30 to 50 percent of the day grooming themselves. Cats cool themselves by evaporating saliva when the body overheats. Other reasons why cats lick their paws are – allergies, dry skin, a nervous condition, stress or anxiety. Causes of anxiety in cats include being separated from their pet parents; Environmental changes, such as moving to a new home. But keep a close eye on your cat if they lick their paws excessively. Note when they lick their paws or other body parts and how long they spend doing it and seek advice from the vet.

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