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Inauguration of Secretariat buildings on 2nd – Andhra JyotiATN News

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DPO Shirisharani conducted inspection at Pedamana Secretariat

Buchaiyapetta, September 23: DPO Shirisharani ordered the construction of the completed secretariat buildings to begin on the 2nd of next month. On Friday, she also inspected the construction of houses at Pedmadina, Gunnampudi Secretariats and Jaganna Colony. MPDO instructed Suvarna Raju to take appropriate steps to start the construction work of the secretariats on 2nd. They want to speed up the construction of houses. As part of the Swachhtahi Seva programme, they sensitized the Clapp friends about wet and dry waste collection. EOPRD Lavaraju, RWS AE Harish, Housing AE Gopinath, Sarpanch Kollimalla Dhanalakshmi and YCP constituency president Kollimalla Achannaidu participated in the event.

Move waste to Jindal Power Project

Chodavaram: The District Panchayat Officer Sirisharani has directed the Panchayat authorities to transfer the waste accumulated in the Gram Panchayats to the Kapulupada Jindal Power Project on the outskirts of Visakhapatnam. On Friday, she visited Amherupuram panchayat in the constituency. On this occasion, she expressed her displeasure with the panchayat secretary for the poor sanitation in the village. He said that garbage should not be dumped in the villages and if the collected waste is sent to the Jindal project, the area will be clean. Also, the employees were instructed to reach the house tax collection target in the villages. They were accompanied by EO PRD B. Chaitanya and staff.

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