In an I-75 crash involving five cars, a 23-year-old died after getting out to check on another driver

A 23-year-old Marietta resident lost his life in a terrible incident that happened on Interstate 75, according to Cobb County police. There were other cars involved in the collision.

According to Triple Team Traffic, there was a collision on Tuesday at three in the morning close to the Cumberland Parkway exit. All highways were blocked by the police as they looked into the matter.

As reported by Channel 2 Action News, the incident included at least five automobiles, according to the authorities.

A 2012 Honda Civic and a 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan were both traveling north on I-75 when the drivers of the Honda and the Volkswagen got into an accident, according to police reports. The Honda came to rest on its right shoulder after spinning counter-clockwise as a result of the incident.

Steven Slaymaker, a 23-year-old driver of a Honda, got out of his Volkswagen to evaluate the situation. At this precise moment, Slaymaker was struck by a motorist in a 2022 Kia K5.

Thankfully, the occupants of the other vehicles involved in the incident did not report any injuries. The initial crash’s cause is presently being looked into by the authorities.

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