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Imran’s offer of negotiations to the government Monis dropped the Bajwa bombshellATN News

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Now this message is given on behalf of Bajwa Sahib that I was on the side of PTI till the end, Mons Elahi’s statement came in this context. This is why he himself gave an interview to save face to General Bajwa, Najam Sethi

(N) League also agreed not to attack Bajwa Sahib. The biggest threat to Bajwa right now is from PTI, he has no threat from PDM or PML-N. PTI will not leave them wherever they go, Najam Sethi

Bajwa Sahib did not directly say to support Imran Khan in no confidence motion, this claim of Munis Elahi is wrong. General Bajwa told Pervez Elahi that you should take the decision which is in your interest, we have become neutral, Najam Sethi.

General Bajwa wanted to clear his record by taking the extension. They somehow tried to hold the election. Imran Khan also made a last ditch effort to dissolve the meeting, but PDM insisted that he should be suspended now and come himself, Najum Sethi.

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