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Imran Khan will single-handedly straighten out his newly-backed ‘Anti-Establishment Liberals’ after coming to power. ATN News

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If Imran Khan returns to power and his own people are installed in all the important institutions of the country, then his performance will once again become unnecessary as it has been for the past 3 and a half years and the real problems of the country will be left aside. And once again, ‘How will the state of Medina be built, who defends Islam in the West, how women should wear clothes, which government in Afghanistan is free and which is slave’, so all those issues will become important. has no direct impact on the material conditions of the people of Pakistan. They also know very well that after coming to power, even if the economic and political conditions are not fixed by them, they can keep the people busy for a longer period of time through the ‘revolutionary’ slogans of the right wing. Their problem is that they are also incompetent and want to have an authoritarian regime. That is, after coming to power, like their political idols like Hitler, Ayub Khan, etc., they will prove to be unsuccessful in bringing economic improvement, albeit artificial, and also in providing employment to people.

Only when Imran Khan comes to power this time, the Pakistani ‘anti-establishment liberal’ ladies and gentlemen who have become his new admirers will realize that the society which Imran Khan was purifying from the monopoly of the army, is more than before. It has become more extreme and bigoted. The little bit of democracy that already exists in the society of Pakistan will also end. Because it has often happened in the history of the political revolution of the world that the people struggled to get more democracy and more freedom, and by drifting into the flow of the new revolution, they spoiled the status quo, after which the results could not be the same. Which they had expected. There are such examples in our neighborhood.

After the end of World War I, Germany had many protections from the Treaty of Versailles. The German people felt that America, Russia, France and Great Britain had treated them like a subjugated nation and had harmed Germany geographically and economically. Also that the pride of the German nation has been wounded. Hitler made this feeling of deprivation and humiliation of the German people the center of his political slogans and gained immense popularity and succeeded in reaching the seat of power. Hitler’s ‘Absolutely Not’ policy pitted the German nation against the whole of Europe and within a few years the most dangerous war in human history, the Second World War, broke out.

Then the whole world saw this scene, how the Russian forces were entering Berlin after the end of the war. The level of humiliation and helplessness faced by the German nation at that time was far greater than the past humiliation and loss that Hitler had justified by plunging the German nation into war.

In the same way, the people of Russia supported the revolution of socialism based on Lenin’s Marxist ideas by killing Nicholas II, the last emperor of the Romanov family who had ruled Russia for centuries, along with his family. But then the world also saw that after Joseph Stalin came to power after Lenin, the people of Russia forgot the atrocities of the imperial period.

In general, with every revolution and especially with political revolutions, it has been ironic that after the revolution, such forces come to power that turn the direction of the revolution and the people keep cursing themselves by remembering the past situations again. are Often the problem with governments that come on the heels of political slogans and populism is that there is a hollowness in their slogans and government policies. They do not have any effective and coherent plan to change the economic conditions of the country.

Imran Khan’s 2018 government relied heavily on promises of jobs and houses, with none of the plans materializing. The economic situation of the country had worsened. Even before the departure of the government, he was repeatedly found saying that he was not ready to come to the government. But thanks to his revolutionary slogans and catchy narrative, he has become popular again among the masses and is aiming to come to power with an even bigger majority than before.

What happens in such failed and artificial revolutions is that you end up under the shadow of a dangerous authoritarian regime in the illusion of more freedom and more democracy. And unfortunately, the return from there is again through a bloody and confrontational evolution. But by the time this reality is realized, it is too late.

Imran Khan’s entire focus is on creating and promoting his narrative. They do not have a comprehensive plan through which they can solve the economic, political and security problems facing the country. His 2018 election campaign was filled with many economic and development projects. But due to the non-implementation of these projects in the government, he and his party faced humiliation. In fact, these plans were not viable.

However, they have now become very realistic about the need to waste time thinking of economic plans when sloganeering and right-wing politics are done. It is a mechanism by which you can cover up your political and economic failures through slogans and narratives. And then they have achieved such a mastery in fooling their supporters that instead of questioning them, they will believe their every argument as if it had been read to them from a heavenly scripture.

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