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Imran Khan hails PM Modi. Sangbad Pratidin ATN News

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Published by: Biswadip Dey | Posted: September 22, 2022 9:24 pm| Updated: September 22, 2022 9:25 pm

News Daily Digital Desk: Once again the praise of the Indian Prime Minister is on the face of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan). He praised Modi while comparing him with another former prime minister of that country, Nawaz Sharif. He claimed that the Prime Minister of India did not do the same as Sharif, the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League, made billions of rupees abroad.

What exactly did Imran say? In his words, “If a country does not have the rule of law, investment does not come to that country.” If there is no rule of law, corruption is rampant. Tell me, the leader of any other country has such a huge property abroad? Even looking at our neighboring countries, how many properties does PM Modi have outside India?”

[আরও পড়ুন: বাংলা মন্ত্রে পুষ্পাঞ্জলি দিলে কোনও দোষ হয়? কী বললেন নৃসিংহপ্রসাদ ভাদুড়ী]

Note that this is not the first time. Even before this, Modi’s praises have been repeatedly heard in Imran’s mouth. He praised Modi by calling Shahbaz Sharif’s government an ‘insensitive government’, singing the praises of India for raising the price of petrol and diesel by Rs 30 per liter in Pakistani currency. In addition, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has praised the Indian government and Modi’s administration in the same way at other times and brought the Shahbaz government to the table. The deterioration of relations between the two countries is similar. Still, why Imran repeatedly pulls the example of New Delhi, the question arises.

Meanwhile, the plot to kill Imran has been heard repeatedly. A few days ago, a car in Imran’s convoy caught fire. But no one was harmed. Earlier last June, it was heard that there was a plot to kill Imran. PTI leader Fayaz Chauhan wrote on his Twitter account that he has information about the conspiracy to kill PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Then he survived a plane crash due to mechanical failure in mid-air.

[আরও পড়ুন: উত্তরপ্রদেশে গণধর্ষণের পর গর্ভপাত অন্তঃসত্ত্বার , মৃত ভ্রূণ নিয়ে থানায় অভিযোগ জানাল পরিবার]

Earlier, in a political rally, Imran himself alleged that plans were being made to kill him. He also claimed to have some video footage in this regard. However, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan did not make that evidence public.

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