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Imran K Guru’s conversation with PML-N Premature election off table Ishaq Dar’s return next week ATN News

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Imran Khan’s supporters in the establishment are now withdrawing their support. They have also been forced to think that the kind of servant Khan Sahib is, if he comes again, he does not know what will happen, Najam Sethi.

Imran Khan has only one guru and everyone knows who they are. The same guru also tells them the inner things, also tells them the outer things and also makes the strategy. Now his guru has also started to beat his hands and feet here and there. They are now seeing the mess and are in touch with (N)League and PDM too, Najam Sethi.

Imran Khan cannot do anything without the help of the establishment. At the time of the no-confidence motion, Khan Sahib’s gurus moved around and that’s why they could not handle the motion, Najam Sethi.

Ishaq Dar is coming back to Pakistan, he will reach before next Friday and take his oath in senate, next month he is going to be finance minister, because of all these things Khan sahib is very worried, Najam Sethi.

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