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Iman Khan to decide on long march call date on Saturday ATN News

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Former prime minister Imran Khan has once again come down hard on the coalition government for what he called pleasing their foreign master and letting people die due to inflation, 24NewsHD TV channel reported on Thursday.

In his address to his party workers, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman chided Rana Sanaullah, the federal interior minister over long march measures.

“Rana Sanaullah I promise you cannot find a hideout in Islamabad. We were not prepared on May 25. You mistreat us.

“We let Bilawal Bhutto and Fazlur Rehman stage sit-ins. Rana Sanaullah, you should worry. On Saturday, I will decide on which day I will call. I will call when I feel the workers are ready.”

He rapped the ruling coalition, saying: “People are dying but the Nawaz League-led coalition government is busy pleasing their foreign masters.

“The prices of food, fuel and other essential stuff have been hiking on the dictation of IMF. Foreign masters are running the state.

“On Saturday, I will decide on which day I will call. I will call when I feel the workers are ready.

“I want a Pakistan that does not sacrifice its people. Eight thousand people were sacrificed because the government followed their foreign master.

A total of 400 drone attacks in tribal areas were allowed by the government because of money-hungry rulers. The money of ruling families is laundered abroad. They have nothing to do with state sovereignty.

“The government is now talking about buying wheat and oil from Russia. We talked about buying oil and wheat from Russia five months ago.

“India was buying oil from Russia at a 40 percent lower price. Pakistan has the highest inflation.

They did not have the courage to reduce inflation. The real freedom campaign is entering its final stage.

“The people occupying the system do not let us live. Our elders have freed this country. First of all, we have to free ourselves. Fear makes a person a slave.

The cricketer-turned-politician said people were more capable than him but he was born in a free country so he gained success.

“I promised never to let my people bow down to anyone. A cowardly man can never become a leader.

A cowardly batsman never becomes a great batsman. The people who overcame their fear made it to success.


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