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‘I was born in the shower alone, it’s easy’ATN News

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In My Story, readers share their unique and life-changing experiences. Today, we hear from a 41-year-old mother of three Corinne Card from Brighton.

Until my due date, there are some weird things I think: What if I’m alone when I give birth? What if no one can help me and I have to be alone? How can I give birth? and in my head I really planned what to do How can I hold the baby up when it’s delivered so it doesn’t hit my head? I try to imagine it feeling better. I didn’t think it would actually happen…

It was October 14, 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. And I was booked to discuss Zoom with several clients. I told my husband Jon that I was contracting and he had to call himself. I think they are Braxton Hicks contracted and I don’t want them to call work.

It’s 3 p.m. I have to pick up my daughter Zoe from school. I’m still having these minor contractions. But I don’t think it’s a big deal. while walking up the hill with his daughter back home I had to stop breathing properly. They are getting stronger

I called the hospital when we came back because now they felt like appropriate Contractions. The midwife asked how far apart they were and all that information and said, “Don’t worry, it hasn’t really happened yet. If it hurts, take a few paracetamol and go take a shower.” So I did.

I originally planned to have a water birth at home. I bought a large newborn pool that we would pump up. But about a week before the due date. They measured my bump and said it was a little smaller than it should have been. Therefore, it is better to go to the hospital for maternity. I’m disappointed but want whatever is the safest

I think my husband was still on the Zoom line as my contractions became more powerful. I got out of the tub and called the midwife again, who said, “No, don’t worry. It hasn’t happened yet. You have gone too far.”

when back into the water Everything seemed less painful. But the contraction continued to increase. I told Jon how hard it was when he finished the phone call. It felt as though the pain had become more intense. And he called the hospital who called me to listen to me during my contractions. I’ve been in the shower for about an hour and they still say, “No, we don’t recommend you to come in. for it will be a long time before the baby is born.”

I think around 4:30 PM, although I’m not sure what time is good because I don’t want to take my phone there. But the bathroom was very stuffy.


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