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i hate cleaning But the trick for eliminating hard-to-reach spots in bathtubs and showers makes things easier.ATN News

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The self-proclaimed lazy cleaner has revealed the perfect trick for effortlessly scrubbing hard-to-reach areas in the bathtub and shower.

Cleaning hacking expert Anni Vanderbeek says she can’t live without the electric scrubber she uses all the time and shares other tools. that makes cleaning easier


A self-proclaimed, lazy cleanser reveals the secret to scrubbing her bathtub.

TikToker Anni Vanderbeak Says She Loves Using Electric Floor Scrubbers

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TikToker Anni Vanderbeak Says She Loves Using Electric Floor Scrubbers

“I like when the house is clean. but i won’t lie I’m not a cleaning person,” she said in a TikTok post.

“Today, I thought I would share my favorite lazy girl’s cleaning tools.”

Vanderbeek explains that her least favorite chore is cleaning the bathtub. But she had to do it all the time because she liked to take a shower.

to keep everything tidy without wasting a lot of time A savvy woman said she invested in an electric floor scrubber.

“I love this. You can use it on floors and windows,” she said in the 40-second clip.

Floor scrubbers are very long. This makes it a great option for cleaning hard-to-reach spots in your bathroom.

Next, Vanderbeek says she likes to have a small cordless vacuum cleaner around.

She said it was very helpful to suck up crumbs like dead flower petals.

Her final product pick is a steam mop, which she says can easily adorn your floors.

“I really like my steam mops when I don’t want to fully clean it. But I just wanted to refresh my space,” she said.

“I added some essential oils to the tank and it smells amazing.”

TikTok users were obsessed with her advice and said they immediately rushed to Amazon to order their electric scrubbers.

Vanderbeek shares these items as part of her seriously unnecessary necessities, highlighting items you don’t technically need. but make life better

Previously, the luxury goods guru checked a number of towels to find the perfect set.

During her hunt for the perfect towel, Vanderbeek says she tried on five different outfits and washed them before making a final decision.

“But I found a winner,” Vanderbeek said in the video, which has more than two and a half million views.

After thorough research She chose a large Gilden Tree bath towel as her “non-essential” towel.

The second set is $88, large on Amazon. The sheets are over seven feet long.

Vanderbeek says, “It’s huge, and the waffle knit fabric is super absorbent and soft.”

TikTok viewers discussed in the comments whether the lux towel is worth the extra powder.

“Wait a minute, this is very relevant and necessary,” one said.

Another commented: “Actually, the bath sheets are there. Like why are there towels? Since I can make myself like a burrito.”

“This is the review we need!” another added.

“Tried really! instead of posting an Amazon image here.”

Others can’t get past that price point and even find something better.

“86 dollars for two???? We are in different tax brackets,” a user commented.

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Another said, “IKEA is on sale for $13!! It might not be that big. But it’s also a knitted waffle.”

Vanderbeek has revealed some lighting secrets that will instantly make your home feel more expensive.

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