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I don’t understand how the national team is going to be coached online, Shahid AfridiATN News

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Karachi (daily newspaper Qudrat) Shahid Afridi, the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, said that he does not understand how the online coaching of the national team will be. While talking to the media, Shahid Afridi said that he did not know that the Pakistan Cricket Board ( What is PCB’s plan in this regard, but why a foreign coach is needed for the national team?

There are coaches in the country who can lead the team in a good way. He said there is a perception regarding the country’s coaches that they get involved in politics but there are also cricket players who in their opinion consider it a big responsibility. If you separate politics from cricket and take strong and big decisions, domestic cricket will move forward. Shahid Afridi said that when he was the chief selector, he did not see any conflicting group in the team, but the captain has likes and dislikes and that is not a new thing, in the past there were likes and dislikes, there was a series of likes and dislikes in my captaincy too, but the selection should be based on merit. Shahid Afridi said that as chief selector he did his job responsibly. The chair is very strong and powerful, whoever comes here will have to make big decisions. He said it can’t happen now, give him a chance, nothing will happen. If we don’t keep talking, we won’t going forward Big decisions will have to be made. He said that hard days are passing, yesterday there was a boat capsize in Kohat, then there was a tragic accident of a bus falling in Quetta and then today there was an explosion in the mosque of Peshawar . May Allah keep our country safe and sound.

This country was built with great sacrifice, but now is not time for sacrifice, but the time to move the country forward. Shahid Afridi said that he does not think that the current situation will have any effect on the actions of PSL, PCB don’t have He will take good and appropriate measures. He also expressed his happiness about the exhibition match in Quetta that there should be cricket in Balochistan as well. The administration made a good decision by holding the match there. said that he informed the PCB earlier that a cricketer like him was needed at the U-19 level and he would also like to work at the lower level.


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