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Hippocrates: Life, Philosophy and Ideas ATN News

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Hippocrates: Life, Philosophy and Ideas

Main Title: Testament of Hippocrates

Written by: Malik Ashfaq

Episode: 33

I swear by the Lord of life and death, the giver of health and healing and the creator of all remedies, I swear by Asclebos, I swear by all the saints of God born among men and women and I make them witness that I I will fulfill this oath and condition and I will consider the one who taught me this art as the best of my ancestors. I will help him with my livelihood, if he needs wealth, I will serve him with my wealth. I will consider his generation equal to my brothers. If necessary, I will teach them this art without any wage or condition. To my children, the children of my teachers, and those students who have become obligatory and who have taken the oath of medical honor, I will share the bequests, knowledge, expenses and everything that is within this art. I will not do this to others.

To the extent possible, I will take care of the benefit of the patients in all the measures, which will be harmful to them and equal to cruelty and abuse, I will protect them from them as far as I think.

If a patient asks for a deadly drug, I will not give it or give him any such advice.

I will remain firm on purity regarding women.

I will not be attached to a patient who has stones in his bladder, but I will leave it to the person who has this profession.

Whatever house I enter, I will enter only to benefit the patients.

I will be free from all oppression and malice towards women and men, whether free or slave, in all matters.

I will refrain from the things that I see or hear during the treatment of the patients or the things that will be seen in the customs of the people outside of the treatment hours of the patients, that they cannot be said outside and I will understand that such Things are not said, whoever fulfills this oath and does not violate any of it, he will have the right that his strategy and his art will be perfected in the most beautiful and best way and People will always appreciate his art for its beauty in the times to come.

But those who transgress it will have the opposite situation. He has said that medicine is one of the highest and noblest of all arts and the lack of understanding of the one who adopts it will cause people to take away this art.

Because there is no other defect in the whole world than that of claiming the art of medicine but not being qualified for it.

An example of this is mirage which is presented by story tellers for the entertainment of people. Just as illusions are mere forms, having no relation to reality, so names of medicine are many but actual are very few.

It is appropriate for a person who acquires the art of medicine to have a good and agreeable nature, a strong desire for truth and a complete allure. The best of all these matters is the problem of nature. Education should be directed only when this system is compatible. The student of art should not show nervousness and impatience so that the images of art can be hidden behind the veil of his concern and better results can be obtained.

Consider, for example, a land plant. Nature is like soil, education chastity is like tillage and education is like sowing seeds in good soil.

When attention is drawn to these things about the art of medicine, then the students who will graduate will not be doctors in name but doctors in practice. Medicine is a great treasure and a wonderful store of medicine, openly and secretly it will fill him with happiness. But if the person who takes medicine as a profession is ignorant, then his art is bad, his stock is bad, he cannot find happiness, it is a sign of impatience and lack of familiarity with the art of medicine. (Continued)

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