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Here are the candidates for Ward 8 — and why they say you should vote for them.ATN News

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CBC News reached out to all Ward 8 candidates asking the same questions so voters can learn a bit more about who their next councilor will be.

Gemma Gray-Hall

smiling woman
Gemma Grey-Hall is running for Windsor City Council in Ward 8. (Provided by Gemma Grey-Hall)

age: 52

occupation: Colonel, Faculty of Science

Where do you live? Ward 8

experience: I love this community and I am committed to serving. I have been an active member for 26 years. I have held executive and volunteer positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. I studied at an advanced level in business administration with a minor in accounting. I have served on 10 committees and committees throughout our community. This includes the local school board. I understand governance and teach a three-year nonprofit financial management course.

What are the key issues your ward faces? Measures to suspend traffic in residential areas By keeping property tax rates at 2022 levels, business improvements along the Tecumseh corridor sound barriers, according to Jefferson. red light camera magnification Improving parks and playgrounds Building a railway overpass on Tecumseh and Jefferson, improving a mass transit system that allows people to go to industrial work at 6 a.m., creating more homes that people can afford, such as townhouses and condos and homes. more

Why are you the right person for the job? I make a 100 percent commitment to the people of Ward 8 and will work tirelessly to make sure their concerns are listened to and acted upon. I am a responsive relationship builder and will connect with each neighborhood annually to listen to concerns. I will bring new ideas and listen to everyone.

What you want voters to know about you: I experienced unemployment and was worried about paying the bills. I have also been blessed with a good job with benefits that can take vacations, sick leave and retirement savings. I have worked hard all my life and I will continue to work hard for the residents of Ward 8 to help our city and ensure all residents have access to the same opportunities. affordable housing A thriving safe community And a well-paying job is the cornerstone of a big city and helps families succeed.

Gary Kaschak

CBC News has contacted applicants regarding the questionnaire. He still hasn’t replied.

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