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Hemant Soren’s move to promote welfare of Adivasis leaves RSS-BJP coldATN News

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This move by Hemant Soran has further strengthened the faith and trust of the Adivasis in him. The second bill, in particular, will help him check the influence of the RSS and the BJP. According to the Bill, reservation for STs will increase to 28 per cent (from 26 per cent), OBCs to 27 per cent (from 14 per cent) and SCs to 12 per cent (from 10 per cent).

There was jubilation among tribals across Jharkhand after the cabinet approved two decisions last Wednesday. The second bill approved by the cabinet proposes to increase the reservation in state government jobs for socially and economically weaker sections of the society from 60 per cent to 77 per cent.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about the non-tribal poor who suffer under capitalism. He has reserved 10 percent reservation for EWS (Economically Weaker Sections). This will increase the total seat reservation for them to 77 percent.

“The cabinet has taken historic decisions. While the quota for OBCs has been increased, the 1932 Land Registry is also being implemented as a basis for citizenship. The government is aware of the needs of all sections of the society be it farmers, youth, teachers, constables or common people. We have been fulfilling our manifestoes one after the other,” remarked Hemant.

The enthusiasm among the tribesmen can be seen from their take out Abar Jules (Thanksgiving procession) across the state.

Ratan Dirki, a former member of the Tribal Advisory Committee who spearheaded the protest in 2002, said it was the result of a long struggle. “Our struggle for more than four decades has come true. It is a day of celebration. Tribals have been cheated by mainstream parties so far,” he said.

Meanwhile, BJP supporters are angered by the development, which threatens the presence of the saffron force in the state. Its proxy, the Ekta Vikas Manch, has warned of taking the issue to court. Those residing in Jharkhand in 2000 should have been declared ‘locals’ instead of 1932 as the cut-off year.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soran said in June this year that the state assembly in a special session in 2020 had passed a resolution seeking inclusion of the ‘Sarna Dharma Code’ in the census and submitted it to the central government through the governor. However, the BJP-led central government has not taken any decision on the issue.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Jharkhand chief minister fear that in the changed political situation, BJP leaders may pressure the governor to accept the Election Commission’s recommendation to remove him. After failing to make headway in its campaign to convert JMM MLAs to the BJP, this coercive move is the only move left for the Modi-Shah duo to destabilize his government.

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