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Hampshire police use new scrambles to catch illegal motorcyclesATN News

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Police pledged to crack down on the illegal use of motorbikes in Southampton amid the unveiling of six new cars to help chase down criminals.

“You will go to court and you will lose your motorcycle. We will seize them and destroy them.”

This is a warning from Andy Tester, an inspector from the Hampshire Highway Patrol.

County forces have launched three scramblers and three high-performance motorcycles that will be used to combat anti-social behaviour in Southampton.

Officers will now be able to chase criminals through previously inaccessible areas of the city.

Inspector Andy Tester and Hampshire PCC, Donna Jones

The test inspector said It’s “incredibly disappointing” that people can go where the authorities can’t.

During an unveiling at Havant Police Station today, he added: “It’s been a growing problem over the past three or four years.

“Now we have scrambler bikes, which are legal motorcycles. which allows us to go anywhere on off-road.

“Other motorcycles What we have is some high performance bikes that are not marked. But there is also a blue light.

“Meaning that when people ride in an aggressive way drive too fast Riding in a way that puts others in danger we can track them observe their behavior and record their behavior and stop them at that time or deal with it slowly by sending a summons in the mail.”

Officers underwent a week of training in Wales to learn how to ride in extreme conditions.

Daily Echo: The Scrambler used by the Hampshire Road Police.Scrambler used by the Hampshire Road Police.

The motorcycle, valued at £80,000, was funded by the Police and Crime Against Social Behavior Fund (PCC) and the Safer Roads Policing Fund, which consisted of money paid by speeding fines.

The test inspector added: “There is an idea that if people stop riding motorcycles We will not follow them. that’s not true We will pursue them and we will use strategies.

“Likewise People think that if they take off their helmets they will intimidate us into chasing them because we are worried they will get hurt.

“That was their decision. But that won’t deter us.

Daily Echo: High Performance Motorcycle Used by Hampshire PoliceHigh-performance motorcycles used by Hampshire police.

“If you step aside from us If you make people’s lives miserable on a motorcycle, we’ll follow you, we’ll make you stop. We will bring you to justice. We’ll take your motorcycle. You will go to court and You will lose your bike. We will seize them and destroy them.”

Hampshire PCC, Donna Jones said: “We’ve had antisocial behavior going on in Southampton, Shirley, Redbridge, Millbrook for months now.

“Through Halloween last year, People who live in that area of ​​Southampton will remember that there were many problems with the overturned cars and chaos, especially in those three wards.

“That was the last straw that required us to do something.

“A lot of young people who commit such crimes run away from motorcycles. electric scooter and electric motorcycles

“So this gives the police more chances to arrest them. Make our community safer take weapons off the road and stop the car theft that is happening.”

Officers used the new motorcycle during operations in New Hampshire.

They reportedly seized a high-powered motorcycle and responded to reports of someone riding on a sidewalk in Whiteley, as well as attending multiple incidents in Southampton.

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