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Govt will give job guarantee in Madhya Pradesh MP government will give job guarantee, know how this situation will happen?ATN News

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Huge demand in 16 districts
There is a huge demand for rice mills in 16 districts of the state. These include Seoni, Katni, Satna, Rewa, Mandla, Siddhi, Panna, Sangroli, Shahdol, Narsinghpur, Jabalpur, Sehore, Shivpuri, Narsinghpur. All these districts are paddy producing districts. About 5 million tonnes of paddy is procured at subsidized prices in the state every year. In other schemes including PDS, the government needs 10-15 lakh tonnes of rice. Due to non-timely milling of paddy, the state has to take time again and again from the central government. Also, due to delay in milling, the central government sometimes refuses to take rice. For this reason, the government is preparing a road map to set up a large number of rice mills.

Help: From Maharashtra, Gujarat
Currently, the state government has to depend on traders from other states including Maharashtra and Gujarat for paddy milling. But these traders first mill the paddy for themselves, this also creates problems.

will end: the exchange problem
There are also complaints of exchange of paddy and rice by sending paddy to other states. The establishment of proper rice mills in the state will eliminate this problem. Apart from this, the traffic burden will not increase.

Incentive: For good quality milling
Millers will also be given incentives for milling good quality rice. This rice will be sent to FCI. FCI has also set standards for this.


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