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Government assurances to IMF to raise pricesATN News

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ISLAMABAD: The government has assured the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to raise prices.

A virtual meeting was held between the Ministry of Finance and the IMF. According to sources in the Ministry of Finance, the Pakistani delegation was led by the Federal Secretary Finance and the IMF mission chief also participated in the meeting.

Data and conditions for the ninth review mission were negotiated in the meeting, but the first round of negotiations was inconclusive and the date of the IMF mission could not be fixed.

According to the sources, the Finance Ministry gave a briefing on the economic targets in the first 6 months of the current financial year, while detailed consideration was given to tax collection, revolving credit, subsidy and flood expenditure.

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The IMF called for an increase in electricity and gas tariffs from 1 February, while pressing for the immediate implementation of new tax measures.

According to the sources, the government has assured the IMF of the implementation of the agreed conditions.

Virtual talks between officials from the IMF and the Ministry of Finance may be concluded tomorrow.

According to sources, the IMF wants approval of the demands before the arrival of the mission. The date of the IMF mission is likely to be finalized tomorrow at the end of the talks.

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