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Google releases tool to remove personal information directly from searchATN News

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New Delhi: Google has begun rolling out a new privacy feature that will allow people to directly request the removal of search results that contain their personal information.

Google’s “Decisions About You” tool, announced earlier this year during its annual developer conference, is now rolling out to some users, 9to5Google reports.

With this new tool, if you find your personal information in a home address, email address, phone number, or Google search, click the three-dot overflow menu that appears in the upper-right corner of each result.

The report mentions that the existing ‘About this result’ panel opens with a new “Remove result” option appearing at the bottom of your screen.

Currently, to remove any personally identifiable information (PII), you need to go to the Google support page and fill out a form with the URL you want to remove from search results.

Now, you can also track the progress of the removal from the results about your tool.

In addition to the “All Requests” feed, you have filters like “Processing” and “Approved”.

This page says “Why do you want to remove this result?” Allows you to make a new request containing According to

Google previously said that when it receives takedown requests, it will “review all content on the web page, for example, news articles and other widely useful information.”

Removing contact information from Google search does not remove it from the Internet, “so you may want to contact the hosting site directly, if you feel comfortable doing so”.

Earlier this year, Google updated its policies regarding the removal of personally identifiable information.


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