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Ghaziabad brawl viral video: Two hit by car stand up, continue punching each otherATN News

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A viral video of the brawl in Ghaziabad shows two men being hit by a car and thrown off their feet, however, both men stand up and continue exchanging blows. According to reports, a clash broke out between college students in Mussoorie area.

A large number of students were seen during the fight to prove their dominance among themselves. Seeing a car speeding towards the crowd, they started to run, but one of them confronted the other as the vehicle rear-ended them both. A student’s sandal flew in the air.

However, it did not stop the fight but increased it. One of the students who was hit by a car was seen being slapped several times by another as he got to his feet.

After some time, the students dispersed on seeing the policeman.

‚ÄúThere was a clash between some college students in Mussoorie police station area when a car hit some of them. Some of the students were arrested after preliminary investigation. They are being interrogated,” the police said.

The car seen in the viral video has also been impounded.

Watch the video here:

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