Get to Know About 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Roanoke County, Virginia!

Situated in Virginia’s scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke County is a noteworthy and enchanting area. It provides a varied scenery and a home to many, with about 94,000 houses dispersed across 251 square miles.

Even though Roanoke County is usually thought to be a safe place to live, some parts of the county have greater crime rates than others. Using information from, this post will address the five areas with the greatest rates of crime.


Situated in the northern region of Roanoke County, Hollins is home to approximately 15,000 individuals and is notable for housing Hollins University, a women-only private college, as well as retail centers and dining establishments. Nonetheless, Hollins has the highest crime rate in the county, with 41.9 offenses per 1,000 residents. With a C- for serious crime and a D for property crime, the overall crime rating is D-.


About 8,000 people live in Vinton, which is in eastern Roanoke County. Vinton is home to festivals like the Vinton Dogwood Festival and Vinton Fall Festival. Regretfully, with 36.7 offenses per 1,000 residents, Vinton has the second-highest crime rate in the county. A D- for property crime, a C for serious crime, and a D for overall crime are among the grades.

Cave Spring

Situated southwest of Roanoke County, Cave Spring is home to around 25,000 people. It ranks third in the county with a crime rate of 28.4 offenses per 1,000 residents, in spite of its advantages. For general crime, Cave Spring scored a C; for violent crime, it scored a B-; and for property crime, it scored a C-.


Glenvar, a small community in western Roanoke County with about 10,000 residents, is encircled by mountains, farmland, and forests. With 23.6 crimes per 1,000 residents, it comes in fourth in the county. For general crime, Glenvar scored a C+, for serious crime, a B, and for property crime, a C.

Oak Grove

With a population of about 6,000, Oak Grove is situated in the southern region of Roanoke County. With 22.9 crimes per 1,000 residents, it has the fifth-highest crime rate in the county despite having a smaller population. With a C for property crime and a B for violent crime, Oak Grove’s overall crime grade was C+.

Role of Authorities in Combating Crime

Through a number of measures, the authorities in Roanoke County, Virginia, are aggressively tackling the problem of crime in the town. Among these attempts that stand out are:

  1. Roanoke C.A.R.E. (Coalition Against Roanoke s Enemies): A collaborative effort involving federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Roanoke C.A.R.E. is committed to safeguarding the city. Its primary objectives include streamlining the investigation and prosecution of crimes, and reducing instances of homicide, violent crimes, and gang-related activities. Additionally, the coalition aims to educate the public on the perils of gun violence and gang involvement.
  2. Operation Bold Blue Line: Spearheaded by Governor Glenn Youngkin, Operation Bold Blue Line is a comprehensive strategy to combat serious crimes. With a substantial budget of $30 million, this initiative focuses on recruiting additional police officers, providing support for victims and witnesses, and establishing partnerships within local neighborhoods.
  3. The Gun Violence Commission: Comprising experts, community leaders, and influential figures, the Gun Violence Commission has conducted a thorough analysis of the community. In response to their findings, the commission has launched various programs aimed at addressing, preventing, and intervening in instances of gun violence.

These programs demonstrate the commitment of Roanoke County authorities to fostering a safer community by placing a strong emphasis on cooperation, community involvement, and strategic planning as means of effectively preventing crime.


Even though Roanoke County has a lot going for it, some parts of the county have higher rates of crime. The five most hazardous areas are Hollins, Vinton, Cave Spring, Glenvar, and Oak Grove, according to It is urged that anyone visiting or living in these areas use caution and take the appropriate safety measures to protect their personal possessions.

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