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Gareth Southgate has pledged to protect England players at the World Cup after being relegated to the Nations League.ATN News

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Southgate was booed by England’s support of the trip following their 1-0 defeat to Italy and suggested he was ready to shoulder the blame and protect his players from criticism as depression continued. next

England made five matches without a win for the first time since 1992 and were relegated from their Nations League group after Giacomo Raspadori scored in the second half at the San Siro.

Southgate, who was mocked and mocked by supporters during their 4-0 defeat to Hungary at Molineux in June. He was booed by England fans as he applauded the visitors after the final whistle.

“I understand the reaction in the end because that’s the result we have in this competition,” the England manager said afterward. “It’s an understandable emotional reaction.”

England have failed to win or score from open play in four Nations League games in June. which ended in an embarrassing defeat to Hungary.

“We can’t say that these games have no value,” Southgate added. “This is an important match against the top teams.

“As I said [previously] There are many reasons for summer results. Tonight we still haven’t got the results we want or want. We are therefore in poor results. It’s up to us to make it right.

“The only way to do it is to stick to what we believe. Stick to what made us successful in the last tournament. And in the end the players must be very tight. can be very noisy but that will be beside me and okay My job is to bear that pressure for them.”

England have long been disjointed with European champions and were limited to late chances by Harry Kane, which forced Gianluigi. Donnarumma made two saves and Jude Bellingham headed the crossbar.

However, Southgate insists that the form of play is moving forward. And said his team only lacked a finish in the third round.

“It’s hard for me to criticize the performance too much,” he said. “We have more possession, more shots, more shots on target.

“For the most part we play very well We didn’t deal with the decisive moment in the defensive line. And we had more chances to decide in the last three games. And our quality is not very suitable. It’s the magic that the end result will be. what everyone responds But I think there are a lot of positives for us as a team tonight. Many good personal works Personally, I think the show is a step in the right direction. But I understand that because of the inconsistent results to be a reaction

“But I insist. Tonight’s reaction will be guided by the results. We’re not far behind in terms of efficiency. I have to get players to believe what they are doing and not get distracted and go in. The wrong area, that’s the job I have at the moment.

“They will definitely make noise. But that was actually made up of summer, and I totally understand it. The players in the dressing room knew this was a game they should have won. and if they take the opportunity and Defend better and we won, it’s a good margin. We are playing against some of the biggest football nations and good margins are decisive.”


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