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Fool Them If You Like Them: Dating Advice From A 21 Year Old ManATN News

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Women can be difficult to date if you don’t possess the intelligence of a 21-year-old man who has never had a suitable boyfriend. Let me show you how to go to court:

can’t read signal

Women are mystical beings who communicate in ambiguous ways. What does it mean if they text you at 1am that says ‘you’? It’s possible they want to discuss the state of your peaceful friendship. or if they just want to be friends That’s how they cover up to tell you they really like you.

don’t ask about yourself

Forget about your appearance or the money you earned. Girls will be more interested in you than your obsession. I talk about the podcasts I’m listening to. Sharing a joke I stole from the internet that really doesn’t work without gifs and never asks about their lives. so as not to be rude If you feel like a long conversation to talk about sex

Ghost them if you like them.

Starting to truly connect with women? Stop answering messages and answer calls instantly, block numbers, unfollow on social media. And leave them blank if you happen to come across them in real life. This is the most sophisticated way to manage your uncontrollable emotions and she will appreciate your maturity.

Don’t forget they hate transparency.

If there’s one thing that women hate It’s a guy who knows what they want in a relationship and can clearly communicate these needs. so to avoid their anger To remain as vague and inconsistent as possible. If she opens an old message that contradicts what you’re saying. let her spark

Said that I never liked you

If the woman finishes the story first which always seems for some reason Remember that you weren’t interested in her in the first place. In fact, all the love poems you wrote about her were made up even though she might have left you because she had bonding issues. Because you are perfect and you don’t have to grow up in any way.

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